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Wow, a page on a DJ website dedicated to fundraising events? You bet!

Thank you for contacting STM for your Special event, promotion, sponsorship or fundraiser. Each year STM get hundreds of requests for many special event requests. Unfortutnatly we can only do so many that time will allow. STM has partnered with many great organizations though out the years. Teammtes, Optimist Club, Grade Schools, Cancer awareness, Husker Heisman and countless others. STM focuses on fundraising events geard toward children with illnesses or special needs.

The Showtime Music is pleased to donate our services to many worthwhile charity or promotional events. You may have seen me performing at the American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay For Life helping Rotary and Ski Clubs raise money through themed dance nights, or donating my time at the local rehabilitation houses showing the residents that they can enjoy life without abusing substances.

I guarantee that my appearance, music, and equipment are appropriate to whatever audience we may be performing for. All public events include all of my facilities available. I focus on the same goals you do. If you’re promoting something, I’ll use whatever I have to help promote it! If you’re raising funds, I’ll offer my time, experience, and expertise to help you raise the most money for your cause!

And what’s more, I have the equipment necessary to handle large events. See for yourself.

When hiring a professional DJ for your fund raiser or promotional event, it is important to focus on quality entertainment. Need background music? STM experienced with genres from jazz to modern adult contemporary hits. Planning an event that includes a section of time dedicated to the dance floor? A high energy, club-like atmosphere is sure to have your attendees walking away with huge smiles on their faces!

The Showtime Music DJ knows just how hard it is to plan these events, and understands how important it is for you to make the night successful and exciting. I’ll work with you to ensure that every detail is planned out. I’ll also supply you with my Event Planning forms, and we’ll spend the time to go over every detail.

Promoters, Agents, Event Coordinators, Council Members, and Charity Board Members, please feel free to contact us to get your free quote, and to check availability of one of the hardest working, most entertaining DJs in Omaha!

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“Our DJ was fun and kept the party flowing. He was knowledgable and played the music we liked. We also had about 40 kids at our wedding and he did a good job playing stuff for them ..”
- MegP413

ShowTime Music has been a full time DJ service since 1994. In 2009 STM decided change the way they were doing business. Technology has changed the world and STM wanted to be the first to change with the times.

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