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Happy Holidays

Hire our DJ service for your holiday party.

We are happy to provide you with detailed information so you can make an intellect choice in Christmas Party DJ entertainment. The Showtime Music is a Omaha DJ company that is more than just a Disc Jockey Service and we do more than just play music, WE ARE ENTERTAINERS. We provide FUN & EXCITEMENT and many FREE Services for your holiday party. We can help plan your Christmas Party down to the smallest detail. Your Entertainer/DJ will be the Master Of Ceremonies and make sure each activity at your events is performed according to your wishes. The Entertainer that will be performing at your Christmas Party will be the only person you make arrangements with and you will meet him before any Contract is signed. He can suggest many unique alternatives to activities at the event. We can also provide many other service like Karaoke and group games. If you need flowers or any other event material, we can help. In addition, we can play a wide selection of songs and holiday music to enhance your holiday party.

So when you hire a Showtime Music Professional Disc Jockey you get FREE:

  • Party Coordinator    
  • Party Planner
  • Party Organizer
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Entertainer
  • Dance Instructor
  • Game Organizer
  • Party Host
  • Audio Engineer
  • Lighting Engineer
  • Music Historian


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No other vender you hire for your Christmas Party can offer so many disciplines and skills to help insure the success of your Holiday Party. The responsibility of your Entertainer is more than you think and he can do more than just play music. You and your guests will remember the good time you have more than any other part of this special day. The Music and Entertainment will make this happen!

The Entertainer will be yours for the entire event with no other shows to interfere. The basic package will cover most Holiday Party arrangements. There may be an additional charge for travel distance greater than 35 miles from Omaha DJ location or any very special equipment required (please consult).

We can provide additional entertainment resources from our list of Approved Vendors to enhance your Christmas Party. From Christmas Singers to Mystery Dinners. We offer a Complete Entertainment Package. The best way we can serve you is to know more about your event. Since each event is tailor made, it is difficult to give you and exact information without knowing exactly what you want.

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All the Showtime Music work is fully GUARANTEED. The DJ assigned to your date is available to make a "house call" at your location to discuss any events questions with your and/or your committee. Please call for an appointment.

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“Our DJ did an great job for our reception. He kept the party going all night and there was always someone on the dance floor. He made sure the receptioned flowed nicely and there w..”
- Abbienoel

ShowTime Music has been a full time DJ service since 1994. In 2009 STM decided change the way they were doing business. Technology has changed the world and STM wanted to be the first to change with the times.

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