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Karaoke Is a great way to get a party going!

We offer karaoke as an add on to the event

ShowTime Music has the ultimate karaoke selection with over 90,000 songs.

Our selection is so big we can’t make a karaoke book. We use a karaoke program to search all the files, all you do is search, click and play. It’s that simple.

The sound System is incredible!

Vocopro is the leader in karaoke equipment.



  1. A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen.
  2. The performance of such music. [Japanese : kara, void, empty + oke(sutora), orchestra (from English orchestra).]

Karaoke is believed to have orginated in a small bar in Japan. The in-house band recorded their music onto tape, and if they were not there the singer would just sing along to the tape. The word Karaoke was written on the tape, Kara meaning missing and Oke meaning band or orchestra.

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“They were great!!! Very affordable and the photobooth attendant and D.J. did an amazing job.”
- klovette78

ShowTime Music has been a full time DJ service since 1994. In 2009 STM decided change the way they were doing business. Technology has changed the world and STM wanted to be the first to change with the times.

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